Conference :: Applications of Algebra


The main idea of the conference devoted to the applications of algebra is to gather and integrate scientists in different fields, especially in mathematics and computer science, applying algebraic methods in their research.

Many problems in various domains are solved by means of universal algebra. The meetings of researches give an opportunity to present new results, new methods and also to coordinate the terminology and methodology.

The first conference entitled Applications of Algebra in Logic and Computer Science and held in Zakopane, May 1997 was thought as a local conference gathering scientists from south of Poland.

The conference would have not been possible without the encouragement and strong support of many people from different universities. Due to them it was possible to organize the conference year by year. Every succeeding conference has had growing number of participants from different scientific centers. The delivered lectures covered a lot various domains including not only logic and computer science but functional equations, graph theory, linguistics and even economy and sociology.

On account of this, since 2000 we have advertised the conference as simply Applications of Algebra.

The extended versions of lectures given at the conferences in 1997 and 1998 were presented in special issues of Matematyka V and Matematyka VII edited by University of Częstochowa . Moreover Bulletin of the Section of Logic, volume 32, number 1/2 and volume 40 number1/2 were entirely devoted to VIth Applications of Algebra and Xth Applications of Algebra, respectively.

The Organizing Committee would like to express thanks to all participants for their contributions and the really friendly and inspiring atmosphere of all conferences on Applications of Algebra.